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Nantahala White Water Rafting

Nantahala white water rafting is a popular half day activity for families visiting these mountains. This river trip will entertain the first-timer or the more experienced whitewater rafter.

Since it is a beginner’s level white water experience you can choose from several options for rafting this feisty river. A guide in raft trip means that you will have a professional guide in your raft so that you can relax and not have to be in charge all the time. Mom usually gets to relax more with a guide in the raft.

Your guide will steer your raft through rapids while giving you instructions on how to paddle, how long to paddle and when to stop paddling. It is a comfortable trip involving a little physical activity but not considered strenuous for most people.

Your guide will entertain and involve children in the rafting process. Most children are begging to do it again by the time they finish their first trip.

Nantahala white water rafting trips are a water filled adventure on what has become one of the most popular rivers in the southeast.

This scenic river trip includes 8 miles of clear, cool water and about 20 rapids. You’ll meet the class 2 rapid, Patton’s Run, at the beginning of the trip and end two hours later with a big splash at the class 3 rapid called Nantahala Falls.

In between rapids you’ll have time to float along and enjoy the spectacular scenery of an ancient natural rainforest.

The river runs through a narrow, steep gorge called appropriately the Nantahala Gorge. It only sees sunlight for a couple of hours around high noon giving it its Cherokee name which means “land of the noon day sun”.

This recreational river is located in western North Carolina near the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It is only 15 minutes from downtown Bryson City, North Carolina which has an abundance of places to stay and dine.

The Nantahala is a dam controlled river which means a consistent, predictable water flow every day of the rafting season which runs from April to the end of September.

This river runs 7 days a week during the rafting season. Booking your Nantahala white water rafting trip online is easy or you can call us at 800-408-7238.

Don’t think that the Nantahala River is too tame to be exciting. The U.S. Olympic kayaking team often trains on this river. The International Canoe Federation which is the sanctioning body for all world championship and Olympic events for canoes and kayaks has also selected the Nantahala as the site of the 2013 Freestyle World Championships. Thousands of visitors from all over the world will travel to the Nantahala to view this event which is considered the ultimate whitewater competition.

Discover Nantahala white water rafting with Rolling Thunder River Company.

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Nantahala/Guided Raft 12:00pm

Nantahala/Guided Raft 12:00pm

Come join us down the Nantahala River. Give us a call and ask for specials! 

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Nantahala/Guided Raft 9:30am

Nantahala/Guided Raft 9:30am

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Nantahala/Guided Raft 2:45pm

Nantahala/Guided Raft 2:45pm

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