Non Guided

Spend half a day on the family-friendly Nantahala and enjoy 8 miles of feisty fun. Experienced rafters can choose handle their own raft with no assistance from us once you are on the river. An array of rafts from a one person "funyak" to a large raft are available for you on rental trips. Not recommended for first-timers.

Insurance Option for Rentals

When you choose to go down the river non-guided you are basically renting the equipment (rafts, funyaks, paddles, PDF's) from us and are therefore solely responsible for the return and condition of all equipment. Cost to replace a lost paddle, for example, would be $20. You have the option of purchasing equipment insurance for $1.00 per person which will cover loss of paddle or damage to raft.  It does NOT cover loss of raft. 

Non Guided Trips

Nantahala/Non Guided 12:00pm

Season- 7 days a week starting April 1st through Sept 30th

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Nantahala/Non Guided 9:30am

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Nantahala/Non Guided 2:45pm

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