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  • The Nantahala River


    Whitewater Rafting. Ages 7+ or 60+ Pounds. Family Friendly Adventure in Western North Carolina.

  • The Ocoee River


    Whitewater Rafting. Moderate Adventure / Not Extreme. Ages 12+. Southeastern TN, Northwest GA.

  • The Toccoa River


    Inner Tubing, Canoeing, Kayaking. Ages 5+. Easy, Relaxing Float, Northwest Georgia.

The rapids are just the start of the adventure.

Rolling Thunder River Company has been entertaining families and thrill seekers
for 40 Plus Years. Join the ONE MILLION, and counting, who have
EXPERIENCED the most memorable river trips possible.

Come explore the deep valleys of Appalachia and raft the most renowned rapids of the Southeastern part of the country.Discover why millions are attracted to this region every year.

Camaraderie :: kämǝˈrädǝrē

- mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

River rafting is a fun, challenging and often hilarious experience - all in the midst of the incredible outdoors. It offers a great opportunity for groups of all kinds to experience the unique camaraderie that develops on a river rafting trip.

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