Choose Your Own Adventure with Rolling Thunder Before Season Ends!

Choose Your Own Adventure with Rolling Thunder Before Season Ends!

Come explore the deep valleys of Appalachia and raft the most renowned rapids of the Southeastern part of the country. Discover why millions are attracted to this region every year.

Ocoee:  Choose a Half Day or a Full Day Adventure

With two separate “hang onto your helmet” sections of surging whitewater, the Ocoee River produces the most continuous stretch of class III and IV rapids of any river in the country. The Ocoee River’s Olympic Class white water rafting is the perfect way to get your adrenaline rushing. Choose a single section (Upper or Middle) for a half day adventure (total time of three and a half hours with an hour and half to an hour and forty-five minutes on the river) or choose both sections (on selected days) for a full day of fun (approximately five to six hours total, with three hours on the river).

Nantahala:  Choose Between Multiple Raft Types and Guided/Non-Guided Trips

Featuring over 20 named whitewater rapids like Root Canal, the Isle of Dumping, and Tumble Dry; the feisty Nantahala River is a particular favorite of families with younger children and beginners. You can choose from several guide and rafting options on this river. Raft with Guide guarantees a guide in your raft, Guide Assisted (or Follow A Guide) lets you captain your own raft but enjoy the extra confidence of having one of our guides nearby in case you encounter any kind of difficulty, and Non-guided allows experienced rafters to handle their own rafts with no assistance from us. You can also experience the Nantahala River with various raft types: single, double, or HyPro Funyaks (duckies); single or double sit-on-top kayaks, and self-bailing or Mini Me rafts.

Toccoa: Choose the 1.5 Mile Tubing, Canoe, or Kayak Trip or the 6 Mile Canoe or Kayak Trip

Toccoa River tubing, kayaking, and canoeing are perfect float trips for families with children too young for whitewater rafting. We offer a 1.5-mile float for Toccoa River tubing and a 1.5 mile or 6 mile trip for canoes and kayaks. Our colorful inner tubes (black gets too hot in the sun) provide a cool and refreshing way to have fun and relax on a hot summer day on the Toccoa River. If you prefer to do some paddling, you can also try our canoes or “Funyaks” which are inflatable one person or two person boats.

At Rolling Thunder River Company we have been a safety conscious provider of high quality river adventures since 1977. Check availability or make your reservation online for your Ocoee, Nantahala, or Toccoa River adventure today! Book NOW, Season ends September 30!

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