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What You Need to Know About River Classifications

The Southeast provides some amazing spots for whitewater rafting. The Ocoee River and the Nantahala River offer some of the best adventures in the United States, and they are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an exciting adventure.

While planning your trip, you’ve probably noticed the classifications for rivers and rapids, but do you really know what these numbers mean?

We’ve put together this little guide to help you determine which rivers are best for you based upon your skill level and experience.

Rivers for BeginnersRiver Classifications

If you’re totally new to whitewater rafting, you’ll want to look for a river with a lower classification. Class I and II rapids are your safest best if you’ve never been on the water before.

On a class I river, you can expect fast-moving water and small waves. Any obstacles in the water are easy to spot and avoid.

Slightly larger waves make class II rapids a bit more exciting, and you might need to maneuver around some rocks in the water.

With primarily class I and II with a single class III rapid at the end, the Nantahala River is perfect for newbies and kids who are over the age of 7 or weigh at least 60 pounds.

Intermediate Rivers

Intermediate rivers are best for those who have experienced a bit of rafting before or for adventurous beginners who will be hitting the water with a guide. Rivers with class III and IV rapids fall into the intermediate category. Class III rapids have stronger currents and irregular waves that may be difficult to dodge, and class IV rapids have large waves and require precise boat maneuvering.

The Ocoee River, home of the 1996 Olympic whitewater events, features the most continuous stretch of class III and IV rapids of any US river, and it is a popular destination that provides thrills for intermediate and experienced rafters alike.

Rafting for Experts

Only experienced, expert rafters should attempt class V rapids. With the proper knowledge and skills, rivers with class V rapids can be extremely dangerous, and you should never put your safety at risk for the sake of an adrenaline rush.

Ready for your next adventure? What are you waiting for? At Rolling Thunder River Company, we offer amazing adventures for rafters of all skill levels, and we would love to help you experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Bryson City, North Carolina

Located to the west of Asheville, North Carolina, Bryson City is a peaceful mountain town that borders the world-famous Great Smoking Mountains National Park. In addition to being the home of Rolling Thunder River Company’s Nantahala Rafting Center, this charming city is also home to a number of unique shops, restaurant, galleries and hotels.Bryson City North Carolina

Bryson City is a vacation paradise for any outdoor lover. Surrounding the small town are numerous activities, including exciting kayaking and rafting adventures on the Nantahala River, fishing and boating on Fontana Lake, breathtaking scenic railroad excursions, mountain biking on the Tsali trails and a number of trout fishing opportunities on world class streams. There are also several waterfalls to check out and plenty of trail for hiking and horseback riding.

Bryson City History

The area that is now known as Bryson City has been inhabited by Native Americans for almost 14,000 years. The oldest Cherokee village, Kituhwa, was located along the Tuckasegee River just upstream of present-day Bryson City.

In 1889, the city officially became known as Bryson City to commemorate the services rendered to the city by Colonel Thaddeus Bryson. Since opening in 1933, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park has provided a major source of revenue for Bryson City and all of Swain County. Author and outdoors enthusiast Horace Kephart worked from Bryon City years and was an early supporter of the creation of the park.

Modern-Day Bryson City

Today, Bryson City remains a popular tourist destination for outdoors enthusiasts. It is surrounded on nearly all sides by mountains: The Great Smoky Mountains to the north, the Plott Balsams to the east and the Cowee Mountains to the south. To the south of the city also lies the boundary of the Nantahala National Forest, a popular destination for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

At Rolling Thunder River Company, we are proud to be a top Bryon City rafting outfitter. We offer the best whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River, and we strive to ensure the satisfaction and safety of each and every guest. The 2015 rafting season may be over, but it’s never too early to start planning your 2016 adventure! Visit us online to learn more about Nantahala river rafting.