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Whitewater Rafting Near Asheville, North Carolina

When you’re looking to plan a fun-filled adventure, there’s no better way to go than whitewater rafting near Asheville on the legendary Nantahala River. Rafting draws hundreds of thousands of beginner and experienced rafters to this area each summer, and at Rolling Thunder River Company, we’re thrilled to offer exciting whitewater rafting near Asheville!

Whitewater Rafting Near Asheville

For thrilling whitewater rafting, Ashville is the place to be! In fact, Whitewater Paddling magazine named Asheville, North Carolina one of the top 10 whitewater towns, and ABC’s Good Morning America named North Carolina the “Number 1 Vacation with a Splash.”

The Nantahala River is North Carolina’s most well-known and popular whitewater rafting river. It alternates between flat water and rollicking rapids, and it’s the perfect destination for beginners. We offer Nantahala raft adventures for people who are over the age of 7 OR weigh at least 60 pounds.

Close to Asheville, Miles from Ordinary

Our Nantahala River rafting trips carry guests through 8 miles of the most scenic rainforest in North Carolina. The river passes through the Nantahala National Forst, which is the largest National Forest in North Carolina. In addition to lively rapids, your journey will take you through calmer sections where you can enjoy the scenery and wildlife along the river. Since the river is dam-controlled, you never have to worry about there not being enough water on the day of your adventure.

Our Nantahala River Rafting Center is located in Bryson City, just about an hour from Asheville. Whether you’re an Asheville resident or you’re visiting the area on vacation, a day trip to Rolling Thunder is definitely worth the drive! Contact us today to book your reservation for the trip of a lifetime or to learn more about whitewater rafting near Asheville, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

5 Awesome Reasons to Book a Spring Whitewater Rafting Trip

When’s the best time to go whitewater rafting in Georgia?

You might be thinking summer, but actually, there are a few things that make springtime whitewater rafting more amazing than any other time of the year.

5 Awesome Reasons to Book a Spring Whitewater Rafting Trip Spring Whitewater Rafting

While North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia whitewater rafting is always an awesome outdoor adventure, hitting the water in the spring is simply unbeatable. With spring well underway, here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider booking a spring whitewater rafting trip now.

  1. Smaller Crowds

During the summer months, getting a reservation can be tricky at times. During the spring season, however, fewer people are hitting the rivers, so it is much easier to schedule a rafting trip at the time that is most convenient for you.

  1. Perfect Weather

The southeastern US can get unbearably hot during the summer months, particularly in July and August. Not a fan of extreme heat? Planning a trip in the spring means that you will get to enjoy perfectly mild temperatures.

  1. Stunning Scenery

A whitewater rafting trip is a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty any time of year, but spring is even more impressive. At this time of year, everything is coming to life, and you are likely to see vibrant wildflowers blooming as well as woodland animals, which brings us to number 4.

  1. Wildlife Sightings

Just as the leaves and flowers emerge after the winter, wildlife emerges to enjoy the sun and fresh air. The spring is when you are most likely to spot wildlife while on a rafting trip, so this is the perfect time to plan a trip if you would like to see deer, turkeys or even black bears and other woodland creatures.

  1. Higher Water Levels

April showers bring May flowers, and they also bring higher river levels. High water levels create faster and even more exciting rafting adventures. The showers that tend to pop up at this time of year also feel pretty fantastic when you’re floating down the river, whereas showers on a hot summer day can make you feel hot and sticky.

What are you waiting for? Spring will be over before you know it. Book your spring whitewater rafting adventure today, and enjoy all that the river and this beautiful season have the offer!