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What To Bring

Protective Footwear

For your safety, all rafters must wear securely fitted shoes.

Tennis shoes, water shoes or sandals with heel straps are fine.  Flip flops or bare feet are not acceptable.

In warmer weather wear quick drying shorts and a tee shirt. You don’t want to wear heavy clothes such as sweat pants or blue jeans. Quick-drying materials such as nylon are a good choice.

If the weather is chilly, try to wear polypropylene or synthetic fleece fabrics. Cotton is not a good choice during cooler weather.

In the event of rain, we will provide rain jackets free of charge.

If you feel you must wear glasses of some kind, at least secure them with a string or head strap.

We sell head straps at our rafting centers as well as inexpensive sunglasses.

What to bring

Bring a towel. You will get wet!
Dry clothes and shoes.
Plastic bag for your wet clothes.

What NOT To Bring On The River

Valuable jewelry
Cell phones, wallets  or expensive cameras
Car keys (trust us one this one!)

We sell waterproof  one-time use cameras at our center which is your safest option if you want a camera with you on the rive