Groups with ten or more rafters will automatically receive our Group Discount unless it involves our excluded dates. If you have a large group (20 or more) please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly with a custom quote for your rafting trip. You must be able to tell us what river and what date you want before submitting  a quote request. 

Once we provide you with your special discount you can forward the quote and reservation number to your group members and they can book online individually and receive this special price.

IMPORTANT:  Submit this form to get a special quote for your group. To make a reservation please go to our Reservations page.

Certain dates are excluded from discounts. Generally, we cannot offer discounts on "cap days" on the Ocoee River."Cap days" are days that governing agencies actually limit how many people they will allow us to take on the river on that particular day. We are turning people away on cap days. These are usually Saturdays in July and August on the Ocoee River.