family rafting in North Carolina on the Nantahala River

Rafting In North Carolina

North Carolina White Water Rafting

North Carolina white water rafting has become almost as famous as the Great Smoky Mountains themselves. Rafting draws hundreds of thousands of rafters each summer to this area to test the ancient waters of North Carolina rivers.

The favorite of white water rafting in NC is the feisty Nantahala River which is located in the westernmost part of the state. Good Morning America featured the Nantahala River as the “#1 vacation with a splash!” It is a fantastic outdoor playground on the water.

North Carolina Family Favorite Raft Trip

A family favorite, the Nantahala rafting trips alternate between 20 splashy rapids and calm pools. It is the ideal river for first timers as well more experienced rafters. Children only have to weigh at least 60 pounds OR be at least 7 years of age to raft this river.

The Nantahala is a dam-controlled river  which means that a consistent, predictable flow of water is available every day during the rafting season. This means that you will not be disappointed with last minute trip cancellations due to lack of rainfall. Lack of rainfall shuts down many rivers for rafting each summer but not our dam-controlled rivers. When families need some dependability, this river in North Carolina will deliver!

White water rafting in North Carolina showcases these ancient rivers flowing through natural rainforests surrounded by native American history. The warm air temperature meets the cool water temperatures of the Nantahala River and creates a misty fog above the water which adds to the mysterious beauty of the river. Simply put, it’s a magical place for just about anyone!

Rolling Thunder & Our Time in North Carolina

Rolling Thunder was one of the original rafting companies offering North Carolina white water rafting with its Nantahala River trips.  We have earned our reputation over 40 years as a safety conscious provider of high-quality river adventures. Friendly, professional guides and staff are enthusiastic about giving you the best river trip possible.

Since our inception in 1977,  we have entertained over a million rafters on the most scenic and fun-filled rivers in the Southeast and maintained an outstanding safety record.

Join us for North Carolina white water rafting on the family-friendly Nantahala River and you’ll come back for more.

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