Think Rafting is Only for Adrenaline Junkies? Think Again!

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Think Rafting is Only for Adrenaline Junkies? Think Again!

If you’ve been afraid of rafting because you think all rafting is wild, crazy, and extreme, we want you to know that is not true! This myth has scared people of all ages away from an amazing and fun adventure! If you choose the right class of river and the right adventure package, everyone from young children to senior citizens can enjoy their day on the river. At Rolling Thunder River Company we offer a wide variety of adventures on 3 very different rivers so that all our guests can choose the adventure that is perfectly suited to them and their group.

Choose Your Adventure

Choose your trip that based on your location, the duration you want your adventure to be, and your adventure level.

  • The Toccoa River (Fun and Relaxing): Toccoa River tubing, kayaking, and canoeing are perfect float trips for anyone looking for a calmer river adventure and families with children too young for whitewater rafting. We offer a 1.5-mile, 3 mile and 6 mile float trips.
  • The Nantahala River (A Little More Adventure): Featuring over 20 named whitewater rapids like Root Canal, the Isle of Dumping, and Tumble Dry; the feisty Nantahala River is considered “mild to moderate” adventure level, making it perfect for families with children (7+ years) and beginning rafters looking for a little more excitement than a relaxing float down the river. Several guide options are offered: guide in the raft: follow a guide: and non-guided.
  • Ocoee River (Lots of Excitement):The dam-controlled Ocoee River has two separate “hang onto your helmet” sections of surging whitewater, producing the most continuous stretch of class III and IV rapids of any river in the country—perfect for getting your adrenaline rushing!

End Your Summer on the River

As summer winds down, less rafters are on the rivers—which can be a great benefit for you! Your adventure will feel like a private day trip on a river all to yourself! Don’t let summer come to an end without exploring the deep valleys of Appalachia and joining the over ONE MILLION fun seekers who have experienced our river adventures since 1977. We offer a wide variety of options so you can choose the exact amount of adrenaline you want in your Rolling Thunder River Company adventure. Tell your friends and family that summer isn’t over yet by planning your river adventure! Check availability or make your reservation online for your Ocoee, Nantahala, or Toccoa River adventure today before the season ends, September 30!

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