Toccoa River Tubing and Kayaking 

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Toccoa River Tubing and Kayaking 

Fun-filled adventures don’t have to only mean whitewater rafting – Toccoa River tubing and kayaking combine the excitement of the river with a healthy dose of relaxation! The Toccoa River in McCaysville, Georgia is stunning and provides a popular location for limitless days of family fun. 

For your convenience, you can now reserve your tube or kayak by going to our website. Click on any Book Now button and scroll to the Toccoa River section. 

Here are a few tips for Toccoa River tubing that will help you prepare for your next float trip!

River Speed 

Both 1.5 mile tubing/kayaking  trips and 6 mile kayaking trips  are available through Rolling Thunder River Company and river float time can vary a significant amount depending on how fast the river is running at any given time. The TVA regulates the water levels on the river with controlled dam releases so shorter trips can take about  20 minutes if TVA has released water and the 6 mile kayaking trip can take 5 to 6 hours under normal flow.  When the river is running high, Rolling Thunder may  require that children be at least 10 years of age to tube for safety reasons. Low water conditions allow children 5 years of age and up to tube on the Toccoa River. 

River Depth

For the most part, the Toccoa river is fairly smooth. The water depth varies from place to place and small rapids and rocks can be found along the way. It is highly recommended that rivergoers know how to swim but please be aware that there are no safety personnel on the river so each person is responsible for their own safety. Life jackets are provided with each trip. In high water, it is strongly recommended that life jackets are worn at all times.

What to Wear

Be sure to dress appropriately for your river float, this includes wearing the right shoes! Sturdy and secure sandals and water shoes are great options, but please steer clear of flip flops as they will most likely get lost in the river. The river bottom can be rocky and sharp and can injure your foot if it is not properly protected. We do sell river shoes at our rafting/tubing center for your convenience.

Wear Sun Protection

Protect yourself from the sun. A surefire way to spoil your river fun is by getting a sunburn. Sunburns sap your energy, cause dehydration, and damage your skin. Be sure to apply SPF before getting in the river and reapply it as directed by your product of choice. Long sleeve rash guards, hats and other UV blocking clothing are great options to help shield you from harsh rays as well. 

Drink Water

Stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water to keep your body hydrated! Water or sports drinks are good options for your Toccoa River Tubing trip. Avoid alcohol- not only is it banned on the Toccoa River within the city limits of McCaysville – but it impairs your judgment and dehydrates you as well. Plan ahead by bringing enough water for your float and consider keeping a cooler with cold water in it for after you get out of the river! 

Can’t wait for your tubing experience? No reservation is needed for a tubing trip but you can reserve if you wish. However, reservations are required for the 6 mile kayaking trip. Book your trip today and get ready for a summer filled with fun! Catch you on the river!

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