About The River

Toccoa River Tubing & Kayaking

Toccoa River tubing & kayaking are perfect float trips for families with children too young for whitewater rafting. The Toccoa River in north Georgia is also ideal for those who just want to relax and enjoy the gentle flow of the water. Georgia tubing has become a very popular family activity in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are located in McCaysville GA- just 15 minutes from Blue Ridge GA.

Toccoa River Details

This scenic river is actually the headwaters of Tennessee’s famous Ocoee River but changes its name to the Toccoa River when it crosses the line into Georgia. Georgia tubing has become a very popular family activity in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The river is a dam-controlled river and TVA releases water as they deem necessary-sometimes daily. Water levels and speed can change significantly after water is released from the dam. Before water is released, the river is shallower and slower. After water is released, the river rises 2 to 3 feet and picks up speed considerably. This is NOT like a lake. Non-swimmers should not get in the river during high water.

We offer a 1 and half mile float for Toccoa River.  Under natural conditions with no water release, our 1-mile inner tube trip can take up to one hour; after water is released it may take only 20 minutes.

Water release is controlled by TVA and subject to change without notice. TVA does not make reliable water release times available to us ahead of time so we are unable to be more specific regarding how long it will take you to get down the river.

The depth of the water changes from place to place in the river and there may be small rapids and rocks along the way. This trip is suitable for most people who can swim (unless there is swift water) but there is risk associated with all water related activities and you will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to beginning your river trip. There are no safety personnel on the river so you are responsible for your own safety. Please be careful and keep your life jacket securely fastened at all times.

People paddling in funyaks (inflatable kayaks) and hard kayaks usually get down the river faster than those people floating on inner tubes. It all depends on how hard you paddle.

There is another tubing company which is located almost next door to us in McCaysville. Please do not be confused. Look for the Rolling Thunder River Company sign and the brightly colored Tooberoo sign. Our building is dark green with a red metal roof.

For Toccoa River Information Call: 706-492-5720 (Memorial Day to Labor Day) or check out our Facebook page

Ages 5 and up.  No exceptions.
Hours of operation – Weather permitting
Saturday & Sunday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
For more details: 706 492-5720
Check in for the 1.5 mile tubing/kayaking trips before 4 p.m.
Closed on bad weather days.
Labor shortages have made it necessary to change some things about our Toccoa River float trips. Please be aware :

  • We cannot offer the 3 mile trip this year.
  • We cannot offer just shuttles for your own equipment.
  • Kayaks only on the 6 mile trip and reservations are required in advance.Book online.