Why Dam-Controlled Rivers are Important for Rafting Trips

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Why Dam-Controlled Rivers are Important for Rafting Trips

Much anticipated rafting trips are often cancelled at the last minute because there isn’t enough water in the river. Ocoee gallery 04Lack of rainfall in an area can result in water levels running too low in a river for rafting to proceed – unless it is a dam-controlled river like the Nantahala River and Ocoee River on which Rolling Thunder operates.

Dam-controlled rivers, such as the Ocoee River and the Nantahala River, provide consistent, predictable water flows, which are essential for the ultimate whitewater experience. This is one of the main reasons that these two rivers have become so popular with whitewater enthusiasts.

Dam-controlled rivers also gives us one of the longest rafting seasons in the country – from early April through the end of September.

The agencies which operate these dams agree to a scheduled water release with us each year. We can then organize our rafting trips around the release schedules so that we give you the best ride on the river. We don’t have to wait for the snowpack to melt or rainfall to add up to find out whether we can run rafting trips or not.

The rivers are dry riverbeds until the water is turned on each day and fills up the empty riverbed with rushing water. The first rush of water down the streambed is called the surge and it is an awesome sight to see.

When planning your next river rafting adventure be sure you are going on a dam-controlled river so you won’t be disappointed.

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