Raft Types

Since Nantahala River rafting is a beginner’s level whitewater experience we have different types of rafts for your recreational pleasure. Keep in mind: The smaller the raft the more adventurous the experience. A “thwart” is the round “pillow” in a raft which runs crossways and provides a seat for the rafter or a back support for the funyak paddler.

Self Bailing Raft

Anywhere from 4 to 8 people can enjoy paddling this raft down the river. These rafts have three thwarts. These are the most stable of our fleet of rafts – virtually impossible to turn one over.

Double Funyak (Duckie)

This is a two person raft and involves teamwork. The person sitting in the rear of the raft will have a one-sided paddle and is primarily involved in steering the raft. The person in front will have a two-bladed paddle and is primarily involved in propelling the boat. You are also 50 percent more likely to turn over in one of these than in a large raft

Single Funyak (Duckie)

Funyaks and duckies are the same type of raft – jut different names for the same thing. A single funyak is for one paddler who sits in the floor and rests their back against the thwart. These rafts are our smallest and “tippiest” of the fleet. We strongly recommend wetsuit rentals for paddlers going in these single or double funyaks because you are sitting in cold water for a couple of hours. You are also 50 percent more likely to turn over in one of these than in a large raft.

Mini Me

About half the size of a regular raft, this is ideal for two to three people. It weighs less so it more maneuverable but also “tippier” which means it is easier to turn over.

HyPro funyak

A HyPro stands for high performance funyak. It is a single funyak with leg straps and foot pegs which allows you to do more aggressive maneuvers in the river such as “surfing” a rapid. It gives you more control in challenging Nantahala rafting situations.
HyPro funyak